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The Magic School Bus Rides Again In New Netflix Trailer

The Magic School Bus Rides Again In New Netflix Trailer

Nostalgia seems to be the sentiment dominating at these days as Netflix released the initial trailer for the upcoming The Magic School Bus Rides Again. A generation of young fans received its familiarization to the world of science and adventure through the PBS series Magic School Bus which aired during 1194-1997. There was an animated teacher Ms. Frizzle whose voice was provided by Lily Tomlin. Lily went on to win a Daytime Emmy for this performance. The show was an animated adaptation of children’s books written by Joanna Cole and designed by Bruce Degen.

The remake by Netflix which is titled The Magic School Bus Rides Again will see Ms. Frizzle’s sister Fiona who will also be called Ms. Frizzle play a key role alongside the original Ms. Valeri Frizzle who will now be called Professor Frizzle. While Tomlin will make a comeback for her character, the voice to Fiona will be provided by the former SNL star and the heartthrob from Ghostbusters Kate McKinnon.

In a symbolic gesture of the transition, the trailer for The Magic School Bus Rides Again showed the original Ms. Frizzle hand over the bus keys to Fiona. Then some visuals of new interesting adventures which show the class go under the ocean and into the outer space. Liz the Lizard, the pet of the class is also seen in the trailer, and we once again hear the iconic theme song sung by Little Richard. The latest version of the song is done by Hamilton himself and the renowned Nerd Lin-Manuel Miranda (Moana’s song writer).

There is a huge reboot wave heading our way with series like Fuller House, DuckTales, etc. which regaled the 90s kids making big comebacks. That generation of kids is now a league of adults keen to revisit their childhood favorites, and Hollywood is now ready to swamp them with a range of sequels, prequels and revivals ranging from TV shows to movies. In fact, it is going to be even better with the live-action adaptations of iconic Disney animation movies such as Aladdin. No doubt, this is a genius way of getting us old fans all worked up to see the shows and movies that we loved alongside creating materials to acquire a brand new generation of young fans.

This smart endeavor by recreating The Magic School Bus Rides Again is going to be a bridge that connects the nostalgic older generation and the young kids by providing them something new. As already proven in its original version, this series is a fabulous way to give the kids a flavor of science and excite them about learning. Without a doubt, for all the new fans that this series acquires, there will be an equally large number of audience that had grown up watching its older version. Another brilliant move by the makers is the introduction of the new teacher with which this generation will relate and keeping the original Ms. Frizzle going alongside in her original voice.

We are all hopeful about this reboot of Magic School Bus also continuing the tradition of guest appearances by celebrities and stars in the same way that we saw Carol Channing, Ed Asner, Jessica Walter, Edward James Olmos and many more appear on the original show who interacted with a cast that comprised diverse and entertaining students.

The new Magic School Bus Rides Again series will premiere on Netflix on September 22nd.

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