Iron-Man New Suits In Infinity War Have Crazy Powers


Every new film brings forward new unheard of technologies and powers incorporated in the Iron Man suits. In fact, the character of Iron Man has vastly improved ever since he made his first suit in a cave. In comparison to the latest suit, the first one looks nothing more than a tin foil wrapper.

Newly released set photos show Iron Man in his new suit, and it rocks.

In fact, Tony was earlier shown in an awesome black and orange suit that confuses a hell lot of people who feel as if this suit is some new version of CGI suit.

This new suit is not CGI, rather, it is a new suit that greatly enhances Tony Stark’s abilities. As we are aware that Tony solved his heart problems had to take out all the shrapnel from his body and also needed to remove the Arc reactor placed in his chest. As shown in the photograph, the Arc reactor is now fitted into the cloth that Tony is shown wearing.

Even Captain America Civil War had shown Tony make improvements to his suit and technology. He created a brand new gauntlet out from what appeared to be just a normal watch.

The best part is that now Tony doesn’t even need to bother about his helmet when he puts on the news suit because the helmet simply folds into the suit.

The fascinating part about the new suit created by Tony is that it is the MCU adaptation of legendary Extremis Armor from the comic books. This Extremis armor has the power to remain hidden inside Tony’s body.

Although this doesn’t sound right for the film, Marvel modified it, and we will see a different version of Extremis Armor as the armor will now be installed inside the arc reactor which is now fitted into the clothes that Tony is shown wearing.

Another noticeable element of the new suit as seen in this poster is its proximity to the body in comparison to earlier Iron Man suits which is similar to the Extremis Armor shown in the comics. We just hope that Marvel will release an Infinity War trailer at Comic Con and give us new updates about the suit.

Not only this, there is another Armor which the Iron Man is going to use. That one is a huge Hulkbuster kind of an armor, and we are glad that Marvel is bringing it back after the  Avengers: Age of Ultron. The fight that we saw between Hulk and the Hulkbuster in that film was mind-blowing, but, brief. There was not enough time given for the Armor to show its full range, and that’s something the audience would have loved. Therefore, it will be delightful to see that Armor return to the screen. It will be the strongest Iron Man suit till date and will resemble the Mark Ll: Model Prime Armor.

The Model Prime Suit is shown to have several powers in the suit. Although this Armor will not be directly attached to Tony Stark’s body, it will still have the capability to do a lot of amazing things. While it will have all the typical Iron Man weapons, it will also have an inbuilt cloaking system and an auto-pilot mode to operate it if the controller is injured. As if that was not enough, this suit also can change shapes, thus eliminating the need for a full-time Hulkbuster suit as long as the Model-Prime Armor can take charge anytime.

With these enhanced abilities, the Armor would take the whole fighting capabilities to an altogether new level. This would necessitate the villain to be more powerful and equipped with deadlier arms and a powerful Armor for himself. Therefore, the amazing aspect of this film will be to see the new Armor display its full range and give a tough fight to Thanos and the Black Order.

We saw this suit in the Infinity War footage of D23 Expo. These two incredibly powerful Armors will be seen in a single movie which means that there is some unbelievable action headed our way and it will be a hellish experience for anyone who decided to clash with the newly equipped Iron Man.


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