Latest Avengers: Infinity War Promo Artwork Unveils The New Iron Man Model Prime Armor

Latest Avengers: Infinity War Promo Artwork Unveils The New Iron Man Model Prime Armor

Apart from the huge crossover links, twists and turns, as well as stunning new developments that we are being tempted with, Avengers: Infinity War, will also show us the mandatory changes in the costumes and gadgets that are a part of each new MCU film.

The most iconic and constant MCU gear upgrades are witnessed with the upgrades of Robert Downey Jr’s character of Tony Stark/Iron Man, and for this legendary cosmic battle called Infinity War, he is all set to undergo a massive upgrade.

Courtesy the latest Avengers: Infinity War promo designs, we have got a clear look at the new Iron Man armor, and it can be seen that it will be the most advanced and capable armor that Tony Stark has ever put on!

Iron Man’s Infinity War Armor Details

The above picture shows that Tony Stark’s Infinity Wararmor is capable of changing its shape to create various types of blasters and energy weapons in addition to the bug-like wing flaps mounted on the back. This armor’s powers are shown here, and the suit’s visual appeal also makes us believe that it is designed after the “Model Prime Armor” concept.

What Is Model Prime?

The Model Prime Armor was designed by Tony Stark after a high school student (who will also be the future Iron-Man) called Riri Williams managed to reverse-engineer the Iron-Man designs of Stark.

Tony spent some time alone and achieved a huge technological breakthrough by creating the Model Prime Design. The final design of this armor was pretty much an all-in-one Swiss Army Knife sort of a weapon. This suit used nanotech and a body design that was capable of reconfiguring into any set of weapons such as the entire array of earlier Iron-Man armors created by Tony Stark including Hulkbuster, Stealth, Orbital Flight, etc.

Not only that, this suit is directly connected to Tony’s brain so that it can respond with the speed of thought and takes only a few seconds to accelerate to very high speeds and altitude flight. Further, it can withstand all sorts of high-energy attacks such as massive energy blasts, sonic or electromagnetic attacks.

Fans had been expecting to see this Modern Prime Armor feature in Avengers: Infinity War and that’s just one of the several highly anticipated costume modifications that our favorite Avengers superheroes will get. The artwork also gave us a glimpse of the new Infinity War suit of the Spider-Man. The earlier leaked set photos have already shown how Hawkeye played by Jeremy Renner is also going to get an image transformation.

The Avengers: Infinity War will release on May 3, 2018, while the Avengers 4 is at present under production.

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