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7 Things Disney Wants You To Forget About Star Wars

7 Things Disney Wants You To Forget About Star Wars

Everybody knows that Star Wars is a sprawling space epic which changed the history of the motion picture industry. It re-defined our way of life and destroyed the possibility of prequels. Obviously, George Lucas never denied overwriting the past. Furthermore, ever since Disney has assumed control over the series, they’ve attempted to make the audience overlook key things. This includes either proceeding with Lucas’ revisionism or concealing facts that don’t gel with where they’re taking the franchise. Here are 7 things Disneywants you to forget about Star Wars…

7. The Holiday Special

The Star Wars Holiday Special is a shabby show made of long scenes of Wookiees. This was belted out for Thanksgiving 1978. It is perhaps the most terrible thing to originate from the Star Wars brand. What makes it so interesting, in any case, is that the first cast returned for minor parts which were silly.
George Lucas disdained the whole thing and wished he could crush it to bits. That is the reason there’s never been another release of any form.
Disney isn’t exactly against the Special, yet that is because they haven’t mentioned it ever. There’s no hint of it on Doing this has made it a small deal which people don’t care searching for.


6. C-3PO’s Silver Leg

J.J. Abrams gave C-3PO a great red arm in The Force Awakens. That’s okay. However, what wasn’t okay was that Disney made an enormous series out of it. It burnt six months bringing up a one-shot comic that would clarify it all, with the inevitable answer being he lost it and it was supplanted by another droid’s.
This was unnecessary since it undermines what the genuine explanation behind the red arm. As it is, it’s one of Episode VII’s patent rhymes with A New Hope, depicting how, all through the original trilogy, Threepio had a silver right shin. Not very many talk about that leg, because it damages the Disney-pushed red arm story.

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