10 Movies That Tried To Imitate Star Wars But Failed


After the release of the first STAR WARS in 1977, endless copycats have attempted to make their own particular space operas. However, they have been able to just averagely succeed. Here are the ten “best” imitators that failed to catch the magic of STAR WARS. What’s more, some really came quite close!


It is one of the earliest animated movies to mix customary and CGI animation. STARCHASER was a 3D rip-off of George Lucas’ film. Right from the lightsabers to the Force, it is such an explicit duplicate of STAR WARS that it shocks me why they weren’t sued. Possibly it is on account of the quality. It is so bad that the legal move was never made. However, somebody has purchased the rights to revamp this as a real life film and may need to manage their own lawsuits.



Although it was technically a TV series, Battlestar Galactica copied so much that STAR WARS it wasn’t even interesting. It ran just for one season beginning in 1978. It was rebooted in 2004 as a prominent military sci-fi series. While widely praised, that series swung far from the STAR WARS-esque sources of the first show. Another reboot is underway as a feature film. This tells me that studios are prepared to copy THE FORCE AWAKENS.

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