10 Superheroes Who Are More Villainous Than You Might Imagine!

10 Superheroes Who Are More Villainous Than You Might Imagine!

There is a plethora of superheroes who become evil due to various reasons. No matter what the reasons are, a lot of superheroes have an unexplored evil side to them. Let’s have a look at ten such superheroes.

Susan Storm

She deserved to be listed here. Once Psycho-Man went wrecking their city and took over Susan Storm’s mind resulting in her becoming Malice who then unleashed her full powers without any caution, nearly murdering her entire friend circle and also her family. Later Reed Richards managed to bring her back to normalcy after a verbal battle.


Deadpool and Spider-Man are quite friendly, and we all know that. However, what most people are unaware of is the fact that he once killed Spider-Man in a very violent manner. The storyline ‘Deadpool Kills The Marvel Universe’ showed Wade hear a voice that rings in his head and convinces him to kill everyone. Later when Deadpool battles the web-slinger, they indulge in a fierce fight which ends in a Deadpool bullet blowing up Spidey’s head. Then he proceeded to murder the whole Marvel Universe.

Charles Xavier

Sharon, the mother of Charles Xavier, was expecting twins, Charles and his sister Cassandra Xavier. However, things didn’t turn out that way. Do you know why? The reason was Charles, who discovered inside the womb itself that his sister was evil and he attempted murdering her. Cassandra was stillborn, and everyone thought that her body was disposed of. But she was a clump of cells that kept evolving in the sewers for decades. Not only that, he has done a lot of dark things such as having a lust for Jean, and erasing Beast’s memories, etc.

The Hulk

You might think of him as a hero, but, quite a few times, The Hulk has shown that he is simply an angry destroyer. In the Ultimates, he killed scores of innocents after taking the serum, and also he did a lot of damage upon his return from the Gladiator planet. Then there is that unforgettable mess that he created in the Old Man Logan narrative. Yeah, we are talking about how he defended his family for having slaughtered Logan’s just because they were getting bored. Even then he tried to kill the Wolverine too.


You might be a fan of him, but, the truth is that Wolverine can also be a bad guy at times. Old Man Logan is considered as the best Wolverine comic, and that story shows nearly all the X-Men as dead. That’s sad, right? What makes it sadder is that they were all murdered by Wolverine himself. This happened at the time when outside elements attacked the X-Mansion and to protect his pupils; Wolverine killed all the intruders. But, then he finds out that there were no intruders, but, he had killed only his own students, and it was a trick by Mysterio. On various other occasions also, he has killed innocent people.

Iron Man

This name might be debatable, but, the fact is that Tony Stark did let all of his friends down by joining the government’s side and supporting the Superhero Registration Act. Even the comic books show the super rich guy as a villain mostly, culminating in the perceived demise of Captain America. However, that’s not the only thing where Tony was proven to be a bad guy. Whether it is the Alcoholic Tony or the Extremis series, Tony has been on the wrong side more than once.


Punisher indulges in unrestricted violence. The anti-hero regularly tortures villains, criminals and kills people in the most brutal ways. The only thing that the Punisher doesn’t normally do is to kill the innocents. However, in one instance, the Punisher did go on a killing spree, slaughtering everyone he could find in the Marvel Universe. He murdered several superheroes because he believed that they were the cause of his family’s death. He took his revenge, but, in the end, he shot himself dead.  Quite a dark one that is!


This one doesn’t need much discussion. During the Dark Phoenix saga, in his bid to protect his fellow mutants, Cyclops was overwhelmed by the Phoenix Force, and its influence made him kill Professor X, and he also had a lot of fights with his former teammates. Not just that, he also attacked humans and mutants discriminately accompanied by his new allies.


If you find the Joker torturing Harley to be nasty, then you must take a look at the world of the Superman. He can be a quite a moron as far as Lois is concerned. He went on dating other women in front of an old Lois, compelled her to marry another guy, and he even tried killing her more than once, not just in the Injustice arc, but, at other times too.  Once when she was in space, Superman snapped Lois’ oxygen supply, put her into the death house for a crime that wasn’t committed by her, and once even had a great laugh when Wonder Woman beat Lois down to a pulp! Quite a guy this Superman is! Then, of course, we have only mentioned Lois, but, he has hurt others too, including the things that he did in Injustice.


Batman is the guy who is always ready for any eventuality. That’s how things were in Justice League: Tower of Babel, where the Dark Knight had prepared contingency plans to cut all other Justice League members down if they went rogue. Ra’s Al Ghul stole those plans and almost succeeded in executing them. While he was defeated, the League lost its faith in the Bat, who was briefly kicked out of the team too.

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