Revealed: Wonder Woman 2 Will Be Set In 1980s And Chris Pine Will Be Back


Wonder Woman’s stupendous success is still earning praises, and this is likely to lead her into the 1980s which will be the setting for Wonder Woman 2 and the film will see her hero come back, irrespective of what happened to Steve Trevor. DC films are focused on ensuring that the attention is not diverted from the mega-hit and that’s why they have declared a sequel quickly although Patty Jenkins hasn’t officially been confirmed to direct it. The story for Wonder Woman 2 is shaping up at least in terms of the period.

The present timeline of DCEU made fans wonder if the Wonder Woman 2 is linked to the outcome of Justice League (so is the case with the upcoming Jason Momoa starring Aquaman), or whether it tells a separate story set between the time of Diana’s origin and her appearance in Batman v Superman. Courtesy some new updates; the question can be answered and also we can tell you about the villains that will be a part of the film much before Steppenwolf challenged the Justice League.

As per the production details revealed, the Wonder Woman 2 is going to be another adventure set in a period pre-dating the modern day DCEU. The film is set in the 1980s, and it pits Diana against Soviet forces during the final days of the Cold War. The production team is likely to continue, and Geoff Johns is working on the Wonder Woman 2 script with Jenkins (She is negotiating and everything signals to her comeback after the final signing.)

Fans are already imagining the sequel, and they have replaced the World War I battlefields with the spy settings of Moscow – the final update might be the most reassuring of them all. The report has confirmed that Chris Pine will be a part of the sequel and he will reprise the role of Diana’s lover Steve Trevor. This is, however, not clear as to how that could be possible since we saw his story end in Wonder Woman.

This is a great decision from a commercial angle. The chemistry between Gal Gadot and Chris Pine was among the highlights of the Jenkins film, especially keeping in mind that the love story might not continue. It is true that the successful pairing of Steve Trevor and Diana made his ultimate sacrifice during the movie’s final sequence made Diana’s character in Batman V Superman, more sensible. On the other hand, this is the kind of chemistry that studios love to cultivate, no matter what, even those which are not facing as many challenges as DC Films.

This could lead to the unfolding of another story which is set in a time before Diana debuted in Batman V Superman and Justice League. The critics will say it is an attempt to keep Diana away from things that we know about the Justice League by Zack Snyder (despite the fact that he co-shaped Wonder Woman with Jenkins) and let Jenkins and Johns tell the story that she wishes to. While it might be a step back, but, a smart step nonetheless. Jenkins has earlier stated that the Batman v Superman statement ‘Wonder Woman “walked away from mankind” might have a deeper meaning that assumed and that creates a base for various intriguing plots set in the 20th Century.

Justice League tells the future of Diana’s story with the younger DC icons, so it makes sense to extract maximum juice out of the years that saw Diana being the sole protector of the planet. There are also comparisons with Marvel’s Captain America: The First Avenger, thus, if the next movie is set in the World War II then the comparisons will only get stronger. Diana can make a reference to the war by stating its influence on the Cold War that followed.

There is no need to convince fans about seeing Diana during the 1980s, yet, the prospects of once again sharing the screen space with Pine (either a resurrected Steve Trevor or some descendant of his), would clinch the deal in her favor. Jenkins has expressed her thoughts about Wonder Woman 2 being set in America, the heroes might be seen in a Cold War spy thriller, and nobody would have a problem with that!

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