10 Reasons Why Spiderman Can Easily Kill Batman


Marvel and DC fans have their favorites that want them to be pitted against rivals. Among popular superheroes in Marvel & DC are Spiderman and Batman. Both are orphans, and the transformation into superheroes is inspired by death. Both fight to save cities but Batman is darker and is consumed by angst which is manifested in the crusade against the criminals.Many think that Spiderman is too young to match Batman.

But here are ten reasons why Spiderman will prevail over Batman:


Spiderman can fire webs at his will with speed and snatch bullets out of the air and can target at anything he wants with the greatest precision at the blink of an eye. Batman would have no chance to react or escape from it because he will be trapped in no time.


One reason why Batman can hide and attack adversaries out of nowhere is that he can sense his opponents, but spider-sense is much greater. He may know in no time where Batman is, and he can draw him into a fight.

The most phobias among normal people or superheroes have been spiders and bats. Spiderman has never been afraid of spiders and has embraced skills and features of the creatures and used them to his advantage. Batman is afraid of bats and calls himself a superhero.

Physical Strength:

It is a misconception that Batman is stronger. Spiderman can lift up to 15 tons and one punch can explode Batman’s face.


Spiderman is never played by George Clooney on screen:

Spiderman is the most beloved Marvel superheroes like Batman in DC Universe. He has been played by Tobey Maguire and then by Andrew Garfield in the Amazing Spiderman and by Tom Holland in a new franchise. Batman has had many incarnations by actors like Val Kilmer, Michael Keaton, etc. But no one insulted the Dark Knight as George Clooney did in 1997, Batman & Robin. The conclusion one draws is that Batman is a lesser superhero.


Spiderman never needed anyone and fought alone, but Batman always needed someone to help him take down criminals. Spiderman has been loyal and trustworthy to his people.


Spiderman does not need help climbing buildings or skyscrapers. He can use this to his advantage and raid supplies of Wayne Enterprises and disrupt the flow.


Spiderman has a steady girlfriend, and he can kiss upside down:

Peter Parker has a girlfriend who is attracted towards him for his genuineness, compassion, and personality. Women are attracted to Bruce Wayne for his money. Spiderman has a steady girlfriend who has been with him all the way and an even kiss upside down like a boss.

Insane Speed:

Batman is an enhanced human with modern weapons and Spiderman is unpredictable and has abilities to outmaneuver 9 laser beams fired at him.

Spiderman has all the advantages:

Bat-fans think that he could just bring Kryptonite in a fight against Superman, but what will he do against Spiderman? Well, they don’t have an answer.


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