Kevin Smith Hospitalized After Near-Fatal Heart Attack


It was a strong jolt for Kevin Smith’s fans today when he shared an update on social media about being hospitalized, from what he clarified was an almost fatal heart attack.

He shared a post on Instagram (check below), wherein Smith went into great detail and reflection of the close-call he had, mentioning that he felt uncomfortable during a stand-up show he was performing at in Glendale, CA, and soon after he felt things getting worse, including strong chest pain. Friends dialed an ambulance, and that saved his life because doctors found a complete blockage of his LAD artery which is also infamously called as ‘The Widow-Maker artery.’

Fortunately, Smith is on his way to recovery now, and that is a piece of news which will relieve most of his fans. In his post, the moviemaker reflects deeply upon how this sudden experience compelled him to come face to face with his biggest fear: the fear of dying as painfully as his father did after suffering a heart attack. Although Smith said that he has now become aware of the necessary lifestyle changes (his weight issues have been well-known), and he also derived a satisfying belief that in case it ends, his life has been a rich one.

We wish Kevin Smith a quick and harmless recovery to perfect health!

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