What Will Kylo Ren Look Like In Star Wars EP 8?!


Star Wars: The Last Jedi Is Shaping Up To Be One Of The Best Star Wars Ever!

One of the biggest questions everyone has about the sequel to Star Wars: The Force Awakens is- “What will Kylo Ren look like now that he has chosen his path to the darkside?”

Will he become more evil-looking, what will the scar that Rey gave him look like? There are too many questions that the fans of Star Wars have about the upcoming movie to list in this article. But the main question we are focusing on is the Kylo Ren question.

Making Star Wars has a report that there will be much visual updates to the Kylo Ren’s appearance. The reports are vague, but we will give you what we have: He will be replacing his tattered half cape with a full cape in the style of Darth Vader, his grandfather and idol. Which makes a lot of sense since he desperately wants to be his grandfather. He has a nickname now in the blogging corner; we are calling him Vader 2.0 (lol)Another reported update will be the helmet of Kylo. They will be replacing the beat up helmet with a much cleaner looking helmet, although it won’t be much of an update it will look different.

The one change that most people are wondering about is what he will look like under his helmet. What will he face look like now after he was scarred in his battle with Rey? HE received that nasty scar across his nose and cheek, and it will be a reminder of the choices he made on that fateful day he gutted his own father and took the darkside into his soul!

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