Your answer to “Is Ben Affleck Still Playing the role Batman?” has just been answered. Reports suggest that the star will “continue to be Batman as long as the studio will have him.”

This comes after Casey Affleck, his brother renewed the doubt about Affleck’s future in the DCECU. When asked at WEEI Sports Radio on Tuesday, Casey Affleck said “he’s not going to do that movie, I don’t think. Sorry to say. Is that breaking news? Because I was just kind of making that up, I don’t know.”

He later clarified that “he was having fun with the folks at the Red Sox game”. He told the Hall H audience, “Let me be very clear, I am the luckiest guy in the world, Batman is the coolest fucking part in any universe.”

That proclamation by Warner Bros. Pictures was made a day after a report that said Affleck and the studio were making attempts to get another actor to “gracefully” become.

“With Matt Reeves doing it, I would be an ape, never mind Batman. I’m really blown away and excited. It’s a great time in the DC Universe,” Affleck told the Comic-Con crowd.

Ben Affleck will soon appear as Batman in Justice League, releasing on Nov. 1. He will be alongside Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman), Henry Cavill (Superman), Jason Momoa (Aquaman), Connie Nielsen (Queen Hippolyta), Ezra Miller (The Flash), Ray Fisher (Cyborg), Amy Adams (Lois Lane), Jeremy Irons (Alfred Pennyworth),  Willem Dafoe (Vulko), Jesse Eisenberg (Lex Luthor), Diane Lane (Martha Kent), and J. K. Simmons (Commissioner Gordon).

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