Thor: Ragnarok Bloopers Reel Gag


Taika Waititi is an actor, director, and an unbelievable goofup specialist. In tandem with Thor: Ragnarok crew, he has provided fans with a new look at the funny moments on the set. The reel of Thor: Ragnarok bloopers is bound to make everyone laugh as the movie maker interacts with the movie’s cast, keeping them focused and morale high during the filming.

Chris Hemsworth can be seen saying in the video that Thor: Ragnarok happened to be “the most light-hearted, fun set (that Hemsworth has) been on.” Tessa Thompson lovingly draws a comparison between the director and a “big kid.”


There is no doubt that Waititi has that wide-eyed eagerness and spirit of a child as seen in his exploration of the set with a camera crew, as he took them on a quick tour of the Sakaarian tools in a Sakaarian “Radio Shack.”

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