The Hellraiser: Judgment Trailer Is Out And Its’ Bloody And Horrific


The Hellraiser franchise is enduring in horror story history, in spite of the fact that these movies have not done well at the box office. Horror fans would love to see Pinhead and the Cenobites bring the pain once in few years. The very first trailer of Hellraiser: Judgment has recently released, and it is horrific.
Hellraiser: Judgment is what fans have heard about for many years. A few rumors claim that The Weinstein Company had made this movie to keep the rights of the franchise.

The footage of Hellraiser: Judgment is surely not for those with weak stomachs. There is a lot of carnage and violent imagery. Even though there is evidence that suggests that the movie might not be a great piece of work, it seems like it is loyal to the fans of the franchise.

This sequel is about three detectives who try to stop a serial killer, and they are sucked into a maze of horror. Doug Bradley is not playing Pinhead which might be a sticking point for fans. Paul T. Taylor is playing the role. Gary J. Tunnicliffe is directing the movie. This film will arrive via on Blu-ray/DVD and digital platforms on February 13.

The movie stars Damon Carney, Alexandra Harris, Randy Wayne, Mike Jay Regan, John Gulager, Andi Powers, Diane Goldner, Helena Grace Donald, Grace Montie and Jeff Fenter. There will also be a cameo Heather Langenkamp.

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