11 Sci-Fi Films That Must Be Remade


Hollywood studios love to produce remakes or at least keep coming back with sequels that make millions at the box office. No doubt that is entertainment and good business and we love to see more of the Star Wars, Jurassic Park and Terminator, etc. so many of us, several other science fiction films are also worthy of a reboot or a sequel.

We gave this question a thought and discovered that there are a great deal more reboot worthy titles out there and no, we don’t want another Transformers movie.

1. Lifeforce

A film depicting alien vampires that eat your existence itself rather than the red liquid from your veins is a cool concept as it merges aliens with vampires.  It is somewhat stale now and is worthy of being refreshed.

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2. Prince of Darkness

This reboot would have a fabulous premise built around a multidimensional devil being unleashed by a supernova. The merger of modern day quantum physics theories with horror created by an alien devil is a potent formula. This film was great back then and its reboot can be awesome too.


3. Flight of the Navigator

This nearly 3 decade old movie can be resurrected without harming the memories from childhood. After all, robots are still not highly advanced and the disappearance of Malaysian Airlines Flight 370 proved that RADAR, Black Box and other tracking systems are still not good enough.

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4. The Last Starfighter

Almost all of us have dreamed of embarking on a stellar mission on the basis of our video game playing expertise. This is a fantastic sci-fi production from the 1980s which is kid-friendly, had a big dose of aliens and spaceships which would be great for a reboot or a sequel. The potential of merchandizing is also tremendous.

5. Event Horizon

This was a fantastic space horror genre film and it is a good watch for Halloween. Some of uus might consider Interstellar to be akin to a sequel of this movie, it is still worthy of a reboot or a proper sequel. The film might not have the best script or breakaway characters, but, the scare factor is tremendous.


6. Logan’s Run

A modern day take on this film would be great. This film will sync in with the trend of young-adult movies and will be loved by the audiences. Wonder why nobody has already done this one!


7. Dune

The Dune is a film worthy of being remade into an animation movie. It has all the elements for such a film, and the books have not been properly recreated in the live action. The character of Leto II will be much better explained by animation in comparison to the CGI.

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8. Enemy Mine

Imagine what could have happened if Captain James T. Kirk and the Gorn were best buddies instead of sworn enemies. That’s what Enemy Mine, would be like. This is a great reboot option as it could bring forward the message of friendship among extreme opposites and that’s the kind of thing that the world needs at the moment.

9. Jumper

While this is pretty much a teen stuff, the concept of Jumper is fabulous and the portals part is really worthy of being recreated.


10. Starship Troopers

While this 1997 movie by Paul Verhoeven, was great fun, it hardly resembled the book. We didn’t see the political commentary by Heinlein in its true scope and there were no power suits! Reboot anyone?

via The Real Kanra

11. Rendezvous with Rama

This one is not even a movie, but, that’s what compels us to doubt the human intelligence. This is an incredible classic from the legendary Arthur C. Clarke that has been eternally waiting for a movie version, and it is a prime example of how a humongous amount of awesome science-fiction stuff has not yet been filmed, and that’s baffling.


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