‘The Goonies’ Cast — Where Are They Now?


It has been nearly 30 years since the Goonies made their TV debut. For the uninitiated, the Goonies were a band of misfits from the goon docks of Astoria, Oregon who had to outlast a fugitive family to find the booby-trapped treasury of a 17th-century pirate “One-Eyed Willie.” “The Goonies” was a family-friendly answer to “Raiders of the Lost Ark” (note that both were Steven Spielberg’s creation). The actors who acted as the ragtag gang of young treasure hunters delivered memorable performances. As a matter of fact, most of them used the movies as a stepping stone into a fully-fledged TV and film careers, including the ones who did not prove to be very successful in the future. The actors who made up the titular gang are settled nicely into middle age and word around is that talks of a sequel are ongoing, let’s have a look at what they’re up to in real life.

1. Corey Feldman – Mouth

As an adolescent, Feldman has had a damn good career with movies such as the ‘non-softcore porn flick,’ “The Lost Boys” (1987) and the ‘softcore porn flick,’ “Blown Away” (1992). In both the movies, he starred alongside the other Corey – Corey Haim. Feldman married the hot actress Vanessa Marcil who played Brenda from “General Hospital” in 1989. Then he wedded another stunner with whom he had a son named Zen. By the way, Zen should audition for “Episode VII” on the Jedi ring of his name alone — though dad might give him some competition


2. Jeff B. Cohen – Chunk

Cohen was the token Jew of the Goonie clan. The actor who played Chunk was actually born Jeff McMahon. The actor changed his name after his Irish father left the family household. He said, “I was seven or eight,” he said. “About six months after I took my mom’s name, partly because I would be getting credited on stuff that, in turn, would credit my old man who wasn’t around. So that’s my dirty little Irish secret.”He is now a 39-year-old attorney and a founding partner of the firm Cohen Gardner LLP which practices entertainment related laws. Since his adventure questing days, he has lost a lot of hair and a lot of weight

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