7 Actors Confirmed For 80’s Hit Cartoon Silverhawks Movie.


Silverhawks is one of the cartoon gems from the 1980’s, and even though it ran only for 1 season back then, it made an enormous impact on eighties kids, and we still crave for the action & adventure of the metal laden space-cops! If you enjoyed Silverhawks as a kid, your prayers have been heard, because Warner Bros is going to create a big budget action-adventure movie based on Silverhawks Cartoon series. The production team has bagged Jon Favreau as the writer and director for the movie, and he has confirmed that the script that he wrote for Silverhawks while he was working for the Ironman movie has been approved, and will be used as the final product. The production house has also confirmed that they intend to create three movies as part of Silverhawks Trilogy. Many actors and actresses have shown their interest in being part of this Live-Action venture, and here are the actors, who may be the final cast for the Silverhawks movies, and we have to say – “THE CAST LOOKS AMAZING,” here they are:-

1. Quicksilver – Andrew Lincoln

2. Steelwill – Chris Pratt

3. Steelheart – Kate Beckinsale

4. Col. Bluegrass – Justin Timberlake

5. Copper Kidd – Leo Howard

6. Mon*Star – Gerard Butler

7. Cmdr. Stargazer – Dean Norris

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