Budding Star Millie Bobby Brown of ‘Stranger Things’ Eyes the Role of Princess Leia!


Let’s face it, 2016 sucked. Celebrities dropped like flies left and right, and we even lost our beloved Carrie Fisher who just stepped back into her role of Princess Leia a little more than a year ago. Let’s face it, one of the few bright spots of the year was the Netflix show “Stranger Things,” which swept everyone up in a new nostalgic world with a bunch of unknown young fresh actors.
As Disney/Lucasfilm begin talks with Carrie Fisher’s estate about the late actress’ continued appearance in Star Wars Episode VIII and IX, there is much uncertainty in the Star Wars universe. Some people however are instead looking to the past, and the possibility of a Princess Leia Anthology stand alone. With “Rogue One” still fresh in everyone’s mind, the fear of how it would be handled has been quelled and fans are now hungry for more Star Wars standalone movies.
So who would fill the iconic role of a young Princess Leia? Well Millie Bobby Brown gave us the perfect solution at the Rhode Island Comic Con…her!
When asked what her ideal future role would be, she was quoted as saying:
“Princess Leia. If they made – I think they are making another Star Wars – I would love a role like that. Because I want to do something far from Eleven.”
While the now 12-year Brown may have to wait a few years before consideration, she has already proved her acting chops are those that most adults strive for. Plus, there have already been those on the internet already making their cases for her filling the teenage Princess Leia role and showing how similar the two look.
With the popularity of the first Star Wars Anthology movie “Rogue One,” Disney would be stupid not to invest more time exploring things outside the main time line, and with only two others slated as of now, it would be hard to believe they are not already laying plans for more. With plans for more, it will be exciting to see what fresh faces we will see in old familiar roles!

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