10 Renowned Superheroes Reimagined To Resemble Realistic Average American Body-Types.


As a child, we have all believed in fanciful stories, comic books, fairy tales and above all the Superheroes. In every child’s life, at least there is one phase when he believes in the existence of superheroes and their powers. In fact, it won’t be shocking to know that there might be some of you out there who still believe that there could be a Flash zipping through your city’s streets or a Superman up there somewhere.

However, most of us come to terms with reality as we grow up and find out that the Superheroes are nothing more than imaginations of brilliant storytellers and graphic artists. We come to understand that there is nothing real about the superheroes. However, it doesn’t make any impact on their popularity as the seeds of their heroics that were planted during our formative years become massive trees by the time we reach adulthood. Despite the awareness of the superheroes being fictional, we all consider them to be our idols in some way or the other. We know that they are impossible, but, the way they think, behave, and their sense of right and wrong continues with us. We might not be aware of this directly, but, somewhere subconsciously the things from our childhood have a fair influence on our adult decision making, and since comic books are a vital part of our early reading for a majority of us, we might not be aware of how they can make an impact on our social, political or even financial preferences and opinions. However, in this article, we are paying attention to only the ‘appearance’ part of the comic books. Most of the comic book superheroes are larger than life super-fit, extremely agile, beautiful and chiseled displays of the human body. The men have a well-toned body, bulging biceps and flexibility that can put a Cheetah to shame whereas the female superheroes are all extremely strong yet divinely beautiful ladies.

In fact, it is nearly impossible to see any life-like ordinary guy on the road type of superheroes. Why not? Nobody seems to have answered this question. However, we have gone ahead and recreated some of the popular superheroes to give them a believable American father kind of body. Have a look!











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