Pennywise Promises Sleepless Nights in Nightmarish New IT Photos


Ever since the famed novel by Stephen King was released in 1986, IT has captivated audience due to its sheer horror factor. Now that the big screen adaptation is well on its way, it is natural that the anticipation of the public would be at peak. To add to it, almost every day new images and trailers of the movie is being released, that further boosts the excitement. Today was a bit different since the latest stills are also by far the most horrifying.

The new images were found to be uploaded on Imgur from unverified sources, but it is quite clear that the marketing team was behind it. However, the mystery factor does give it a more chilling outlook, which only adds to the excitement. The first image was a close-up shot of Bill Skarsgard, who plays the central monster Pennywise in the film. You could see the cracked face and the scary smile of the clown, which is frightening by any measure.

The second image included the character of Eddie Kaspbrack facing Pennywise, in an utterly chilling scene. It is quite clear that the marketing team is doing everything in their power to keep the audience scared of Pennywise.

The images have been regularly released for quite some time now but failed to grab much attention initially. Without the proper context, they just looked like some kid on Tumblr trying to impress people. But once the trailer released in March and we got to see Pennywise in action, no one can doubt now that the clown is by far the most terrifying character we saw in recent times. If rumors are to be believed, even the kids on the sets were scared once Skargard used to appear with full makeup.

Ever since the 1990 miniseries, there were many attempts to bring the famed character on the big screen. At last, it was Andres Muscietti (the director of Mama) who took the steering in his hands. And based on what we have seen so far, those hands turned out to be quite reliable. The entire cast consists of experienced and talented actors, like Jaden Leiberher, Jeremy Ray Taylor, FinnWolfhard and Wyatt Oleff, among others. Not to forget, Bill Skarsgard as the demonic clown.

The movie is set to release on September 8th, and there might well be a sequel based upon second part of King’s novel. If the excitement of the fans is any indication, there is not even a shred of doubt that IT would rock the box office and be soon followed by a sequel.



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