Labyrinth Sequel: 4 Actors Reportedly In Talks For Labyrinth 2’s Cast!


David Bowie starring “Labyrinth” was one of the biggest box-office flops in 1986, even though critics gave it amazing reviews, it totally failed to get the audience inside the theaters. However, when the TV channels started showing this movie, people realized the beauty of Jim Henson’s story, puppetry and the exceptional acting of David Bowie. The video cassette sales of Labyrinth saw a sharp rise, and even today it is considered as the must-watch fantasy movie of all time in America. Jim Henson is no more in this world, but he is still remembered for his god-like puppetry skills that we got to see in Labyrinth and The Dark Crystal.

Jim Henson’s daughter Lisa Henson, who is the CEO of Jim Henson’s company has confirmed that they have started working on bringing back the Labyrinth on the big screen. Fede Alvarez is the director of the Labyrinth Sequel, Fede’s last movie “Don’t Breathe” dominated the Box Office for months internationally. Fede and his work buddy Jay Basu have finished the script of the Labyrinth 2, and Lisa Henson has also confirmed that this is going to be the continuation of the original movie, and there will be no Goblin King.

According to the new reports, the production team is getting a new charismatic female villain who would rule the magical and euphoric world of Labyrinth with monsters, witches, and goblins. Lisa and her team have also told that they are going take the art of puppetry in the movie to a whole new dimension with this movie, and the amount of CGI would be minimal. This movie would is a collaboration between Tristar pictures and Jim Henson’s production company, a couple of weeks back their official twitter handle had shared pictures of massive real sets that are currently being built for Labyrinth 2.

The studio and the production pouring hell lot of money on this project, this is undoubtedly a big-budget effort, and they want to get the old cast back in the sequel but along with that, they are also looking for a popular and talented actor for the villain’s role. Here are the names of the actors who are likely to be part of Labyrinth 2 according to the THR:-

1) Lady Gaga As Goblin Witch

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