WWE Superstar Says That ‘Justice League’ Is Better Than ‘Thor: Ragnarok’. Do You Agree?


With two superhero giants in theaters, opinions will be divided. And a former WWE superstar thinks it is very much one-sided. Read on and see if you agree with him.

Shane Hurricane Helms saw Justice League and Thor: Ragnarok and he says that Justice League is way better. “Justice League > Thor: Ragnarok,” Helms said.

If you are a Justice League fan and loved the movie, great. If you did not like the movie, take a deep breath and read on.

It did not take long for someone to challenge him by saying “Justice League = Age of Ultron.” Not sure if this was a compliment or a huge diss, but Helms had a way different comparison in mind.

“It wasn’t better than Age of Ultron but waaay better than Ragnarok,” Helms said. “That s*** was written for 3-year-olds. No emotion, no substance, just ha-ha. Every character in the movie was Spider-Man.”

“I watched the one where his three best friends got murdered, and no one cared,” Helms said. “Thor barely acknowledges the fall of Asgard before Rockdude starts cracking yet another lame ass joke. It was too rushed and thrown away to me.”

Helms was not a fan of Skurge’s “ShakeWeight.” “Also, it had a f’n ShakeWeight joke! That shit was funny for about 30 seconds in 2010. So lame,” Helms said.

Though, someone did agree with Helms’ assessment and added that Ragnarok “tried WAY too hard to be a Guardians of the Galaxy movie.” Helms agreed, saying “That’s exactly what they tried to do.”

The comedy in Ragnarok was its positives for the fans, but Helms feels that it took away the emotional impacts from the story. He is evidently not a fan of the Norse Mythology in general.

“FYI: Thor is the Norse Jesus, and Ragnarok is their version of the biblical apocalypse,” Helms said.

Thor: Ragnarok and Justice League are different movies although they are in the superhero genre. This is Marvel and DC we are talking about, and so the comparisons are inevitable.

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