6 Fan Creations Of Harley Quinn Are Work Of Heaven!


Thanks to Suicide Squad, Harley Quinn is in more demand than Joker these days. Margot Robbie did an applaudable job as the Harley in the movie, and now DC is planning a solo movie for Harley Quinn. Isn’t that awesome? To be really frank, Harley was just a side-kick before New 52 comic books and Suicide Squad brought her to the limelight. These two events in the DC Universe explored the character of Harley Quinn in several ways, and the audience loved her. This is one of the best time to be a Harley fan because we are going to see tons of content for her. Understandably after the grand success of Suicide Squad, the Internet is rife with Harley Quinn fan-arts and Cosplays, and we have selected the top 6 pictures of this maniac but age-less beauty! Check them out:-

1. Ashley Paige



2.  Lady Jaded


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