Green Arrow Vs Hawkeye: Who Would Win And Why?


Green Arrow takes on Hawkeye: Let’s See Who Wins!

Fans of Marvel and DC have always had their favorite superheroes whom they wish to see take on the rivals. Two of the most evenly matched superheroes in the Marvel and DC houses are Hawkeye and Green Arrow. While the latter is a super-rich playboy, the former is a compassionate family guy who needs to take care of his folks.

The billionaire turned superhero who also happens to be a member of the “Justice League” is Oliver Queen whereas Clint Barton is a highly talented former circus artist who has become a professional combat guy after joining “The Avengers.”

They have similar weapons, but, different backgrounds. They are both comfortable in teaming up with meta-humans and self-fashioned Gods and deliver as good a performance as can be expected from a human. They are both absolute masters of archery and have similar temperament. The differentiator is what motivates them and compels them to continue being the heroes.

Green Arrow became an ace archer when he was marooned on an island for five years whereas Hawkeye was coached by a swordsman who accepted him as assistant after he had ran away as an orphan and wanted to join Carson Carnival of Traveling Wonders. He realized that the Swordsman had been cheating the carnival, but, even before he could spill the beans on him, his mentor beat him up and left him for dead. Hawkeye is renowned as The World’s Greatest Marksman”.

We wonder how can we pick a winner among these two extraordinary archers in a face off?

True they are nearly identical on most criterion and it is not an easy task picking the winner. However, if we do need to pick one then it has to be Hawkeye. His skills are more advanced and he is capable of handling a range of weapons. He started learning at a tender age and is now a nearly fail proof shooter. Green Arrow is a vigilante who can handle the everyday baddies, but, he is not really that good against the Supervillains. There you go then! Hawkeye is the one who outperforms his rival!

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