‘Game Of Thrones’ Is Hilarious With Wrong Subtitles!


Your favorite fantasy show Game of Thrones has now morphed into the comedy of your dreams.

An Instagram account (@incorrectgotquotes) has merged screenshots from the hit HBO show and subtitles from other shows and movies to create a hilarious mixture.

The outcome is funny enough to make everyone forget the sorrows and tears of the previous season.

Now you all will know that that wasn’t the best that Game of Thrones could have offered.

I saw people making this kind of posts with other TV shows/films and since Game of Thrones is my favorite show I made my first edit without thinking too much about what I’m gonna do with it,”Marysia, the person who owns that account told Mashable.

The subtitles have been picked up from various TV shows such as Friends, The Office and Bob’s Burgers. Marysia has also picked up quotes from films such as Mean Girls and 10 Things I Hate About You.

She said the account was created on October 26 and already boasts of more than 23,000 followers. She shares about two to three daily posts showcasing the mix of various iconic scenes from Game of Thrones.

Marysia is an 18-year-old high school senior, and she was taken aback by the appreciation on Instagram.

“I love making people laugh, and when I see messages from people saying how much they love my posts, it just makes my stone cold heart warm again,” she said.

The Polish resident generally chooses quotes from TV shows that she likes or films. She instantly connects the quotes with relevant GOT characters/scenes without wasting any time.

“It’s the idea of imagining my favorite characters from Game of Thrones speaking like the people from modern sitcoms/comedies is the most bizarre and amusing thing to me,” she said.

The Instagram account bio states “I’ll keep you warm until 2019.” Therefore, the fans have something to rely upon for the next couple of years.

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