18 Epic Avengers Vs Defenders Memes That You Must See!


Who does not love a good meme? Memes are the latest platform for show-casing theories and facts.

So, you would know by now that the MCU is full of exciting and fun-loving superheroes who have grown t become fan favorites.

But when one starts talking about the Marvel Netflix, then well, we all know how dark and dull the shows can be. We love the Avengers team as they are mind-blowing ad super fun. But the Defenders… not so much.

Well, how about all these thoughts put into a meme? That will be great.

So, we have put together some of the funniest Avengers vs. Defenders memes for you:

Here is the reason?


Call The Avengers!



Yeah, The party!

They Don’t Give a S**t!

Line Up to Join the Avengers!

Ohh Yeah!


Do Not Mess With Iron Man!

The Initiative!



Yeah, The Cool Avengers!


Ohh, F**k!

Naww… We’re Good!!

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