Dungeons And Dragons Movie Reboot : 8 Actors Reportedly In Talks.


Dungeons and Dragons cartoon show from 80’s was a huge hit internationally, and it still packs a massive fan following even. On the other hand, the movies based on the Dungeons & Dragons have failed miserably. But there still a ray of hope, Warner Brothers have decided to make a new Dungeons and Dragons movie that is heavily based on the characters from 80’s cartoon show. Rob Letterman (Goosebumps) is roped in as a director on the script written by David Leslie (The Conjuring).

Roy Lee is the producer of this movie, and he has revealed that the story arc is going to closely follow the path of the 80’s Dungeons and Dragons cartoons with few minor twists, and they have even picked up the characters directly from it. The movie will have the look & feel of Tolkien movie like “Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit” but the characters will be having fun like “Guardians Of The Galaxy”. The story is not going to take itself too seriously, but they won’t go too far to piss off the die-hard fans of this legendary role-playing game.

To be really honest, the bar for success is too low for the new movie, and if they can’t make this movie work then the studios should just give up making D&D movies. We were able to get a little scoop on the rumors related to the cast of this movie. Here’s the name of the actors who are currently in talks for the upcoming Dungeons & Dragons movie, the casting calls seem to be decent:-

1. Warwick Davis As Dungeon Master


2. Pierce Gagnon As Bobby the Barbarian


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