Revealed: Why Dragon Ball Z Super Saiyans Have Blonde Hair?


Dragon Ball is a superb anime with a lot of appealing designs. The most famous concept is the Super Saiyan transformation, the supreme form for the inhabitants and descendants of Planet Vegeta. We have all become fans of Goku, Vegeta, Trunks, Gohan or Goten who all got a superb makeover, however, did you ever think why these dark-haired or purple-haired heroes went blonde upon becoming Super Saiyan?

Luckily for us who wonder about this, Akira Toriyama, the brain behind the show, has explained the baffling color choice and it turns out that it is a practical one. He said:

“I gave him blonde hair so that it wouldn’t be as much work for my assistant. He spent a lot of time blacking in Goku’s hair, and I had to erase over it. It was a real pain…”

You may not agree, but, it is somewhat ironic that the color pattern of the most powerful form in the Dragonball universe was aimed to make things easier for others.

Earlier, the Super Saiyan faced a lot of controversies because fans believed that it had a base in Aryan philosophy. Just in case you are clueless here, Nazism was built around the premise of the Aryans, who used to be blonde and blue-eyed and were regarded as a supreme race and the idea of Germanic people being the purest racial form.

Therefore, an argument was put forward that the Super Saiyan transformation, which was the most powerful form in the anime, was a subtle take on the blonde, blue-eyed people being the ultimate race. In essence, the controversy was about Dragon Ball promoting Nazi ideas. Such a dangerous premise it was that we are glad to get the real explanation of it.

Recently, a couple of new hair colors were depicted in the franchise, Red for Super Saiyan God and Blue for Super Saiyan Blue. However, the most famous of them is definitely the blonde.

We admit, it is fun to see how the most famous things in pop culture are not an outcome of elaborate plans, but, happen merely by chance or just to simplify things for the creators.

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