COLIN TREVORROW Says He Won’t Let Fans Down in Episode 9, He Faced Major Backlash After His Latest Flop!


A few fans and film critics were a little tense this weekend. This was after the screening of Colin Trevorrow’s new film The Book of Henry in Italy at the Ischia Global Film Festival because of its generally negative reviews. The inquiry that was brought up was: Should Star Wars fans be stressed over Trevorrow’s abilities?

The Hollywood Reporter states that the film industry is a little stressed over whether Trevorrow is the correct man to be directing such a major venture like a Star Wars film after his new film The Book of Henry is getting extremely negative reviews in the United States. During a one-to-one with the Episode IX director, he helped give some understanding to ease everybody and persuade them that he is the correct man to be sitting in the director’s seat.

Here’s what he said;

“Not only did I grow up on these stories, like all of us did, [but] I think that the values of Star Wars are values that I hold very close and very dear in my life. I feel that the message of the way that the Force teaches you to treat other people and show respect for others, and the way it guides you through life, is really important to me. And I hope everybody would realize that that set of stories has affected me as deeply in my life as it has affected them.”

It seems as if Trevorrow is truly endeavoring to expel any worry in his capacities by telling us that he is equally into Star Wars as every one of us fans. He further gave his views on the switching of directors that occurred with the Untitled Han Solo film and the impression he had on the production of the movie. He said;

“Movies are very personal, and art is very personal, and for people to try to turn that into something that is salacious or something that will get clicks is frustrating and sad for me because I know that [movies] mean a lot to everyone involved. And everybody involved in that movie is passionate about it and worked on it very hard and continues to work on it very hard.”

Trevorrow focused on a major issue that Star Wars has been encountering since the Disney procurement and film productions started. Since Star Wars movies are being produced in times of web-based social networking and, the possibility to hype and misrepresent stories is high. The primary case we saw was the distortion of the Rogue One reshoots. Such a large number of newspaper sources painted the situation as a calamity that the film was in a state of disarray; when in certainty the reshoots were crucial yet routine to any film.

A few people have turned out to be very touchy to any Star Wars film news that doesn’t depict production as anything besides smooth. Trevorrow advises us that the people that make these movies adore them the just as much as we do and put themselves entirely in it.

I assume that every one of the choices that Disney has made will be done carefully since they think about us, the fans.


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