Captain America’s Beard Is The Biggest Talking Point For Avengers: Infinity War Trailer


A long wait ended when we got to see the Avengers: Infinity War trailer this week. Fans had been desperate to catch glimpses of the mega film by Marvel right from the time they unveiled the footage during the SDCC this summer, and finally, the Studio has released it. There is so much to talk about the trailer because it is full of massive scenes and how it will impact the Marvel Cinematic Universe. However, one other element of the trailer really got the fans talking, and that was the cool new beard sported by Captain America.

It was first revealed during the initial footage that was displayed during the summer events of SDCC and D23 that Avengers: Infinity War will show Steve Rogers with a big beard. However, the trailer surprised the fans. As per a report focusing on the topics that are being discussed about the Infinity War trailer, Captain America’s beard has been mentioned a massive 20,000 times on Twitter. Most of the films will be delighted to get a mention of their trailer 20,000 times on Twitter, rather than the facial hair growth of a single character.

“#AvengersInfinityWar doesn’t come out until May, but Chris Evans’ Captain America beard is already my favorite accessory of 2018.”

Marvel fans are not just head over heels about Chris Evans looking great with the beard. They also know it is sensible. The comics showed Captain America take up the role of Nomad at one point after he lost his trust in the government. That’s when he had sported a similar beard. Considering the end events of Captain America: Civil War, the beard appears absolutely logical. David Weiser decided to joke with the fact that WB had removed Henry Cavill’smustache for Justice League while tweeting about the beard of Captain America.

“DC: We have to digitally remove Henry Cavill’smustache! Marvel: LET’S GIVE CAPTAIN AMERICA A FULL OUT BEARD!!!”

Avengers: Infinity War will release on May 4, 2018, and it will be the completion of a full decade of Marvel Cinematic Universe. The future of the whole universe is at risk while Thanos is on a mission to collect all the Infinity Stones to make the Infinity Gauntlet. Despite all those risks, it was the beard which excited fans. Really? No care for the blonde look of Black Widow? The beard has enabled the trailer to become the record buster and make the new record for maximum trailer views in 24 hours.

There were a few other things noticed by fans regarding Avengers: Infinity War trailer. Spider-Man’s Spider-Sese (6,100 mentions), the appearance of Guardians of the Galaxy at the trailer’s end (5,497 mentions), Black Panther’s dialog, “Get this man a shield” (related to Captain’s beard – 2,180 mentions) and the joint run of all the superheroes (2,108 mentions) turned out to be the other major talking points of the trailer. As reported Fizziology, it was shocking to notice that Thanos was massively ignored. Have a look at some of the best Twitter responses related to the beard of Captain America below:

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