The Famous Brooklyn Nine-Nine Star Insists That She Plays The Role Of America Chavez


After she had dressed up as America Chavez, a Marvel Comics character for Halloween, Brooklyn Nine-Nine actor, Stephanie Beatriz sent a message to all of us saying that she would like to play the role in the MCU.

She posted an image of America Chavez and herself on Instagram and continued this campaign to land the role of the character in a live-action sequence. The caption has no words, but the image does all the talking.

Beatriz had taken to Twitter and told the fans that she would like to bring America Chavez to life. This would be through a script by Gabby Rivera who is the writer of the ongoing America series that features this character. Marvel Studios has not yet announced plans for a Young Avengers or America Chavez project, but perhaps this young actor’s persistence shall prove that there is an audience for a project like this. Marvel has even replied to a tweet by Beatriz and told her that she “nailed it.” This was about the Halloween costume.

America Chavez had been created by Al Gabriele and Otto Binder and gained popularity after the Young Avengers run by Kieron Gillen and Jamie McKelvie. She’s currently starring in her series written by Gabby Rivera and drawn Joe Quinones, with the ninth issue due to be released on November 29.


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