Anna Faris Will Star In Reboot Of 80S Classic: With A Gender Twist!


These are fabulous times for those in love with the 80s era films with almost all films from that decade getting remade or sequels. Now news is out about the highly appreciated romantic comedy ‘Overboard’ being remade, and it features the incredible Anna Faris and Mexican actor Eugenio Derbez (La Familia P. Luche). The original film had Kurt Russell playing a construction worker who is a single father to an all boy family and cheats an arrogant, wealthy socialite (played by Goldie Hawn). Kurt makes her believe that they were married after she suffered memory loss due to accidentally going overboard her yacht.

The storyline is far-fetched, and the premise of a guy cheating a woman suffering from memory loss into believing them being a couple is weird, to say the least. However, the film turned out to be a much loved classic because in one imaginary sequence all turned out to be well. It would be too much to expect them to recreate the feel-good factor of the original film. Despite three decades have gone by, the film is regularly shown by television networks.

The general response to classic films is that of criticism and doubt because the cult fans compare the new versions to the ones who are dear to them. This time around, fortunately, things are being spiced up. There is a gender reversal with Faris playing the role of a single mom and fraudster who fools the wealthy brat Derbez and convinces him to be her husband after he fell off a yacht. Therefore, the script is pretty much spun on its head, but, we do have a trickster and someone going ‘overboard.’

This twist creates several new opportunities and scenarios which would set this film apart from the classic predecessor. The other notable difference is that the new film is contemporary with social media and iPhones playing their part; had they been around thirty years back, it would have been a major flaw – the character played by Hawn might have found out her real details from her Twitter bio, or her Instagram feed.

She would have got a new phone at least after dropping the old one in the water. Also, if Russell had a smartphone, then she would have asked him to show their old photographs together and his failure to show any would have been a warning sign. Therefore, it is going to be exciting to see how they fix everything in the modern context. One thing is assured that if the film is fun, romantic and feel good, then viewers might not bother much about an odd plot hole.

Jonathan Glickman, president of MGM Motion Picture Group recently stated, “The original Overboard was beloved, and the only way to bring it back is to reinvent the story in a whole new way.”

This is absolutely true, and nobody can replace Hawn or recreate the unique comedic style that she had. Therefore, despite it being the same concept and love story, the treatment is bound to be different, and it shouldn’t be compared to the original classic. Remakes are coming up with great frequency, and that must be proof that audiences love them. Faris has her own unique personality, and we are sure she would give a refreshing touch to the story.

It is also great to see Faris return to the movies. She hasn’t played a major role since What’s Your Number? That film released in 2011 and we have been missing her. (She has been devoting her time to the CBS sitcom, “Mom.”). Therefore, just like the rest of the America, if you are also a Faris fan then you would enjoy the upcoming film.

So just hang in there and in the meanwhile, take a trip down the memory lane to recollect Ms. Faris’s visit to the YH Studio!

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