Adam Driver Hints An Unanticipated Fate Of KYLO In Episode 8.


In about four-months’ time, the Star Wars: The Last Jedi is set to hit the screens. Since only one trailer has been released so far, fans are eagerly waiting for a little more information on the plot.  The trailer of the movie was unveiled at the Star Wars Celebration in April.

In a recent interview with Adam Driver on Sunday Today, he was asked if the fans of Star Wars will be pleased by what happens to his character, Kylo Ren. One should note that he did not give out any specific plot details

“God, I hope. I hope they will. I think it will be hopefully unexpected.”

And that’s it. Fans don’t get any more details, but there are a lot of heavy rumors floating around that “unexpected” twists in the plot could be received well by the fans.

Since “Star Wars: The Force Awakens” mirrored a few elements of the first Star Wars movie, “A New Hope,”  fans are guessing that “The Last Jedi,” may emulate the 1980 sequel, “The Empire Strikes Back.”

In the first trailer, there were scenes of Daisy Ridley’s Rey seen practicing her lightsaber moves. Rumours claim that although she is bring trained, she abandons her training to try and save Poe Dameron and Finn. They have been captured by Kylo Ren to lure Rey out of hiding for yet another showdown.

A report last month said that Star Wars 8 would feature a flashback scene to reveal more of Kylo Ren’s past. This will be a similar scene to the “force-back” Rey had, when he touched Luke Skywalker’s lightsaber for the first time.

These force-back scenes will showcase the formation of the Knights of Ren and the Supreme Leader Snoke (Andy Serkis) grooming Kylo Ren when he was young. The details have not been confirmed yet, but fans hope to start getting a few official details soon.

Recently it was reported that John Boyega confirmed some the of celebrity cameos for Star Wars: The Last Jedi. These included including Prince William, Tom Hardy, and Prince Henry.

We remain unsure of who exactly they’ll be playing the role of. We just have to wait till the movie come to theatres.

With the Force Friday event to be held on September 1, there is a possibility that more details could surface when the line-up of merchandise is revealed.

So, don’t forget the date, December 15! Stay tuned for more information on “The Last Jedi.”


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