9 Actors Of He-Man Masters Of The Universe Have Aged Pretty Well – Then & Now.


Masters of the Universe is one of those films that had extremely high expectations amongst the fan, and everyone thought that it’s going to be a huge hit even before it was dropped on the theaters. However, we all got disappointed after watching the movie because it felt more like Flash Gordon than He-Man. It infuriated the fans as they all thought what could go wrong with a He-Man movie, he was a household name then; we can even say that He-Man’s franchise was bigger and badder than Batman and Spiderman. With the devastation of the Masters of Universe, movie fans got hugely disappointed, and the He-Man franchise was just restricted to good old toys section.
Many excellent writers and directors currently want to work on the He-Man project, but unfortunately, the studios have lost the confidence of its success, and if someone had to bring back the world of He-Man on the big screen, they have to make substantial investments, or else it’s again going to be a misfire. Let’s have a look at, how does the fantastic cast of Masters Of The Universe movie look now. Enjoy the nostalgia.

1. Courteney Cox/Julie Winston


2. Dolph Lundgren/ He-Man


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