8 Actors Of The NeverEnding Story After 32 Years – We Are Getting Old!


The characters from one of my favorite movie ever have really come a long way.  From Star Trek to dance studios in Brooklyn, you may not even know where you have seen the ever remembered characters so many of us had loved as a child.

On July 20, 1984, “The NeverEnding Story” Blasted into theaters, and changed the imagination of children worldwide, and movie goers forever! I remember seeing the famous movie in the Mayfield Road theater with my father and still remember the awe I felt as a child seeing this amazing story unfold before me on the Silver Screen. And how I fell in love with the stars that brought the story to life.

The NeverEnding Story turned 30 not to long ago, and we wanted to see how are favorite characters were doing these days, “Just where did they end up?” “And what do they look like now?”

So to honor one of the best movies of all time, and one of the greatest stories ever told, we have put together a series of ‘Then And Now” photos for all of you to flip through and see. All the way from Falcor to The Rock Biter! Who remembers “Atreyu”? Just click the NEXT PAGE button below the pic to see all the NeverEnding Story favorites… You will be amazed!

1. Barret Oliver

Barret-Oliver-Flickr-neverending story

2. Tami Stronach


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