7 A-lister Actors Approached For Krull’s (1983) Remake By Edgar Wright!


The mystical world of Krull enveloped our minds back in the 80’s with its fantastical world and well-written characters. It was one of the most expensive and ambitious movies of 1980’s. A lot of 80s kids may still get frightened by the horrifying giant beast of the Krull. Good News is that the Krull is coming back to the Silver screen, and fortunately, it’s in the hands of very talented Edgar Wright. After his departure from the Ant-Man movie due to the creative differences with Marvel Studios,  he directly jumped on the Krull’s revamp project. He wants to do the film in the same big way as it was done with the original movie, with all the amazing original sets, practical action sequences, top-notch CGI and A-lister actors. He has also confirmed that this is not going to be a reboot, it’s more of a remake that keeps the essential elements of the original movie intact by applying changes only to the theme of the film to make it more appealing to the contemporary viewers. He has initiated the process sending out the script to the prospective actors, and if we go by the rumors these are the actors shortlisted by Edgar, have a look :-

1. Kit Hartington As Prince Colwyn

1 - Kit Hartington As Prince Colwyn

2. Chloë Grace Moretz  As Lyssa

2 - Chloë Grace Moretz As Lyssa

3. Lucy Lawless As Widow Of The Web

3 - Lucy Lawless As Widow Of The Web

4. Vinnie Jones As Cyclops

4 - Vinnie Jones As Cyclops

5. Patrick Stewart As Seer

5 - Patrick Stewart As Seer

6. Laim Neeson As Ynyr

6 - Laim Neeson As Ynyr

7. Dave Batista As Egor

7 - Dave Batista As Egor

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