5 Actors Currently In Talks For The Reboot of MAXIMUM OVERDRIVE!


Stephen King is known for his critically acclaimed, cult classic Horror stories, of which many have been grand international hits. However, there is one unique story named “Trucks” that stands out because King decided to fund and direct this story on the big screen. Yes, we are talking about “Maximum Overdrive”. This is the only movie that King has ever directed; then this movie was received poorly by the reviewers, but the general audience kind of liked it, especially the main attraction “The Green Goblin Truck.” The truck is still driven to the major Horror and Scifi conferences across the US by its current owner. Stephen King, who was accustomed to being applauded for his literary works by the critics, couldn’t take all the negativity poured towards his movie, and decided not to direct any movie ever after his experience with Maximum Overdrive! He even went ahead called this movie “Moron Movie.” However, Michael Bay’s production company “Platinum Dunes” has purchased the rights for this film and he wants to reboot and direct it. We are not sure, if rebooting a flop movie of the 1980s is a good deal or not but the cast choices for this film seems to be pretty neat, and all the auditions are currently happening under the codename – “Maxima”. The film is slated to release in Mid 2018, and here’s the rumored cast for this movie!

1. Aaron Paul

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger

Arnold Schwarzenegger

3. Emma Watson

Emma Watson

4. J.K Simmons

J.K Simmons

5. Lucy Lawless

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