20 Star Wars Actors You Never Know Were in Doctor Who.


There’s a great deal of overlapping between Doctor Who and Star Wars. This includes their topics and themes. However, they additionally share a couple of individuals from their cast and you may be shocked who’s appeared in both universes. Let’s have a look at 20 such actors.

1. Leslie Schofield

Schofield, the star of East Enders, showed up in Doctor Who and Star Wars in 1977. He played Calib in The Face of Evil on Doctor Who and Death Star worker Chief Bast in Star Wars. A remarkable year.


2. Felicity Jones

This actress of The Theory of Everything is a hot property right now. Therefore, it’s not surprising that she’s been given a role as an X-Wing pilot in Star Wars spin-off motion film Rogue One. In addition to this, and as any Who fan knows, she played an expert thief in 2008 in Agatha Christie’s themed episode “The Unicorn” and “Wasp”.


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