10 Best Cartoons In The 80’s.


Watching Saturday morning kid’s shows as a kid is a lovely memory. With days leading up to that enthusiastic morning, a kid’s brain was loaded with anticipation, eagerly waiting for the next episode. These recollections are embedded in our brains and we quote well known lines.We thought it suitable to list the best of all of them. Every one of the shows in this rundown were unique and had some remarkable characters that kept children of all ages glued to the TV.

10.TranZor Z (1984-1985)

A great Japanimation show, the named TranZor Z had a many-sided storyline and fight scenes taken from Japanese kid’s shows. More or less, TranZor Z is a monster super-robot made by Professor Wells. As an impetus to the show’s first scene, Wells’ foe Dr. Demon crushes Wells and his home. While breathing his last, Wells acquaints his grandson Tommy with TranZor Z, a machine that will battle Demon’s world annihilating Machine Beasts. After Tommy masters TranZor Z, he along with his buddy Jessica and her robot Aphrodite-A, fight with Dr. Demon’s ruthless machines.
Notable Episode: An epic fight was shown in the last episode of TranZor Z between Tommy and Dr. Demon at Demon’s refuge. Obviously, Tommy won.


9. Mask (1985)

How would anyone be able to overlook the cool fighters of crime that made up MASK, which comprised of Bruce Sato, Buddy Hawke, Gloria Baker, PC ace Alex Sector, weapons master Monk McLean, Brad Turner and Dusty Hayes? In their endeavours to battle VENOM (Vicious Evil Network of Mayhem, don’t ya know?), our heroes wore masks that gave them superpowers. Every one of the 70 scenes of MASK highlighted huge amounts of action, lots of comedy and truly cool villains.
Notable Episode: Whenever we saw Brad or Dusty take off in MASK’s cool plane, Gator, or auto, Condor, it was an incredible sight.

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