10 Best Cartoons In The 80’s.

8. The Smurfs (1981-1986)

The little blue magical creatures that roamed around in the forests and lived in mushrooms weren’t as innocent as they appeared. Papa Smurf,their leader, along with a few of his best Smurfs and his one Smurfette used to fight off Gargamel. This villain was an evil, blundering wizard who carried with him an equally evil cat called Azrael. In many episodes of the Saturday morning toon, Gargamel would have plans to catch, oppress or eat the Smurfs so that he could steal their magic. The Smurfs used to spoil Gargamel’s plans and even save him at times, from wizard brethren.
Notable scene: When Painter Smurf used mysterious paint, the town went haywire and things began to vanish; an amazing scene to look as a child.


7. Thundercats (1985-1987)

The great chant “Thunder, Thunder, Thunder cats, ho!” was how every episode of Thunder cats started. It drove into thirty minutes of alien humanoid cats combating the evil Mumm-Ra and his mutants. They landed on Third Earth while still frozen. They were led by Lion-O, and were a group of alien cats with strong human bodies and child-like brains. The group included Wilykit, Wilykat, Tygra, Panthro, Cheetara, and Snarf.
Notable Episode: In a scene where Lion-O goes looking for Thundrillium (a substance which was used to power their base), he needed to fight an insidious looking snowman of Hook Mountain to get it. It was an extraordinary fight scene.

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