Venom, Silver and Black Occur in Spider-Man: Homecoming Universe

Venom, Silver and Black Occur in Spider-Man: Homecoming Universe

Try not to think we saw this one coming. Or, then again perhaps we ought to have. In any case, this is a quite gigantic development. Amy Pascal, who is heading the Spider-Man motion picture projects over at Sony, dropped a recent shocker on every one of us.

Earlier on, every report showed that the forthcoming Venom solo motion picture and the underway Silver and Black film, focussing on Silver Sable and Black Cat, won’t be related with the Marvel Cinematic Universe at all. However, it seems that this isn’t valid any more. Straight from the person in control, we now realize that Venom and Spider-Man: Homecoming do occur in a similar universe. Does this imply that they’re part of the MCU? All things considered, not all that soon…

As it is, Tom Holland Updates posted a recent interview clip to their Twitter account including Amy Pascal and Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

In it, Amy Pascal was questioned whether the Venom film, and also the Black Cat and Silver Sable film, will happen in their own particular universe or if they will be linked with what is being done with Tom Holland’s Spider-Man. This is what she said in her response;

“It will all take place in the world we are now creating for Peter Parker. It’ll be adjunct to it, it may be different locations, but it will all still be in the same world and they will be connected to each other as well.”

When she says “they will be connected to each other as well,” she is alluding to the Sony spin off films, just to be clear. She isn’t stating that Venom and Spider-Man: Homecoming 2 will run into each other. At any rate, not just now.

Given her astonishing reaction, the interviewer inquired whether we could see Tom Holland’s Spider-Man getting together with Tom Hardy’s Venom in some kind of crossover circumstance sooner or later. Once more, even with Kevin Feige sitting in that spot to hop in and shoot the thought down, she wouldn’t discount it.

“There’s always a chance. I think one of the things that Kevin has done with Marvel that was so brilliant is by bringing the fans along and making each movie seem like a chapter in a book. That you have to read that chapter in order to go forward, and I think the investment that fans get to feel in being part of a larger story and understanding what’s happening, I think is something that I know Sony would want in everything.”

Obviously, this is enormous and could end up having real ramifications on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. Despite the fact that this occurs “adjunct” to Spider-Man: Homecoming, it is in a similar world.

This implies these things are going on inside the scope of the MCU. There is no sign yet that a MCU character other than Spider-Man may jump through a Sony Marvel Universe motion picture. Kevin Feige can decide to essentially disregard any of those occasions in other SMU motion pictures, yet it is exceptionally critical. That implies Tom Hardy’s Venom will be the conclusive Venom. There won’t be another adaptation of that character. This does answer a few inquiries we had about these spin-off films, yet opens up a Pandora ’s box.

Right now, Sony’s R-rated Venom film is set to hit theatres on October 5, 2018. Spider Man: Homecoming will release on July 7, which is very close. Perhaps Kevin Feige will sit back and watch how these motion pictures turn out? If he enjoys Sony’s take, possibly that will open the chances for crossover exchanges? It truly is difficult to state now, however Amy Pascal has authoritatively opened that door and Feige did not want to close it. You can look at the interview beneath.

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