This Is How Robin’s Identity In Batman Vs Superman Was Revealed!

This Is How Robin’s Identity In Batman Vs Superman Was Revealed!

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice might have released last year, but, the film’s content is still subject to online debates. Fans have analyzed everything shown in the film, and the talks have once again gained momentum in anticipation of the upcoming Justice League. Among the most debated topics about the film is the Robin costume that was shown in The Batcave. What was that spray paint about? Which Robin got killed? Was it the Joker by Jared Leto? If not all then we now have the answer to one of the above questions.

Warner Brothers Studios recently conducted a Facebook live to let fans have a virtual studio tour of the Warner Brothers. The tour guide let the fans look at the various props, costumes and other things available, and then he reached the Robin costume from Batman v Superman and said this:

This was one of the big things from Batman v Superman, right across this way. The Jason Todd/Robin suit. Spray painted on the front, ‘Ha-Ha. The joke’s on you, Batman.’ Those of you that know the storyline know what happened to this Robin.

And that’s how one of the biggest mysteries of Batman v Superman was answered. The Robin who was killed by the Joker was Jason Todd.

It’s not a total surprise because the story was known to comic book fans. Jason Todd was the second Robin. In the comics, he was picked up by Batman while trying to steal Batmobile tires and Batman spotted some potential in him. Sadly, Jason Todd wasn’t well received by fans back then, and therefore, DC guys decided to eliminate the Robin 2.0.

They asked fans to vote if they wanted Joker to kill Jason Todd, and the answer was yes, but, by a slender margin of 72 votes. This led to a ghastly death for him. The Joker beat him to a pulp with a crowbar and then blasted the building where he was trapped.

Since it is clear that Batman v Superman used the Jason Todd narrative, we might see it reflect in future Batman films in the DCEU. If Ben Affleck and team stick to the comics, then Dick Grayson must be around as the rough vigilante Nightwing. Further, Batman’s fight with the Joker in Suicide Squad might be a reference to their common past.

We are bound to know further about the Affleck version of Batman in the times to come.

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