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Playstation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible According To Popular Tech Analyst – “Michael Pachter.”

Playstation 5 Will Be Backwards Compatible According To Popular Tech Analyst – “Michael Pachter.”

Playstation has two different version in the market right now, one is the normal one, and the one is the “Pro” that has more beefy specs under the hood, that means it runs games more smoothly with slightly better graphics. The sales of the Playstation Pro has been good, according to the reports released by Sony the sales even exceeded their expectations. But Sony is known for flamboyant sales reports that are usually far from reality, so take that comment with a pinch of salt.

Sony’s has been owning the E3 conference like a champ from past few years, but in 2017’s E3 their offerings were pretty standard and forgettable. In fact, Microsoft and Nintendo performed much better than their previous years.

A few weeks back Sony’s American Boss Shawn Layden confirmed that we are going get a Playstation 5, and it is going to be “generation leap” for the console. This news drove internet crazy because this announcement also hints that Playstation 5 is coming much earlier than most of us had expected.

Wedbush Securities analyst Michael Pachter, who has been the console Nostradamus from past couple years suggested that we would be getting PlayStation 5 in the later year part of 2019, and he thinks it is going to focus on 4k, Virtual Reality and BACKWARDS COMPATIBILITY! Yep, you read that correctly.  Michael’s previous predictions related to the future tech have mostly been correct. There is no reason to doubt his well-calculated predictions regarding the next generation Playstation Console! Here is the transcript of the interview where Michael spoke about Playstation 5 and its features:-

“I really like Shawn and I don’t think he is attempting to mislead anybody. The PlayStation 4 Pro is better [from a technical perspective] than the PS4, so I think that’s a half step towards the PlayStation 5. I think the PS5 will be another half step. So he is being honest when he said he is not doing a half step but the PlayStation 5…how much faster can it be? It will surely support 4K. Will it support 240 frames per second? Great. Will it play games that were made for the PlayStation 4 PRO? That’s the question. I think it will. So I think they will build a console that will backwards compatible with the PS4 Pro. So I think it will be perceived by the consumers to be a half step and I think Shawn is telling the truth when he says it’s will be a full fledged console,”

“My expectation that is that it’s not coming out in 2018. That is a 2019 0r 2020 but probably 2019. Sony is probably timing it better because they are going to bring out a 4K capable device when the 4K TV market reaches 50% in the USA and 35% in the rest of the world. I think Sony has probably got the next console cycle nailed down already. I think, they already know what they got to do,” he further stated.

We also believe that Michael’s suggestions on Playstation 5 are in the right spot. The transition to PS4 to PS5 should start from the last quarter of 2019. They need to catch up with the virtual reality because the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive are taking the gaming to a whole new level.

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