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Picture Of Hamill and Carrie Fisher In Star Wars 8 Shared By Oscar Issac

Picture Of Hamill and Carrie Fisher In Star Wars 8 Shared By Oscar Issac

Moviegoers look forward to Star Wars: Episode VIII with heavy hearts. As it is, a large number of fans continue to mourn the death of Carrie Fisher, who will repeat her role as Leia Organa in the much-anticipated spin-off. It has been stated that Fisher finished filming every last bit of her Star Wars 8 scenes before her death. In addition to this, Leia’s part will be extended in the sequel. How she fits in stays to be seen, since there is not much information in this regard.

Another character who will have lots to do in Episode VIII is Luke Skywalker. He was found by Rey towards the end of The Force Awakens. It appears that Luke will invest the greater part of his energy training the youthful scavenger in the ways of the Force on the remote planet Ahch-To. However, numerous watchers are keen to see the senior Skywalker re-join the principle struggle between the Resistance and the First Order and reuniting with his sister.

The reality of the situation will become obvious eventually and we will get to see whether the well-known twins share scenes in Episode VIII. Nevertheless, Mark Hamill was seen spending time with Fisher on-set. What’s more, Oscar Isaac has shared their time together.

The performer, who comes back to play Poe Dameron, took to his Facebook record to share a message about Fisher. Incorporated into his post was a photo of Hamill and Fisher in their Episode VIII costumes, with the actor pausing dramatically for the camera. You can see the photograph beneath:

Costumes of Star Wars 8 have intermittently flown up online over the recent months. However, this is the first occasion when they can really be seen. Leia is dressed in a similar manner when she was seen at the end of Episode VII. She’s seen wearing a formal black dress and decorative rings. In the meantime, Luke is in standard Jedi robes. Nevertheless, as revealed earlier on, his clothing is darker than his outfit from Force Awakens. In this specific picture, Hamill is not wearing his entire Luke Skywalker get-up. Therefore, the full revelation of his outfit is likely to come when the primary Star Wars 8 trailer makes a big appearance in spring.

For evident reasons, watching Episode VIII in December 2017 will be an emotional ordeal for watchers. Furthermore, Lucasfilm will surely figure out how to give Fisher an appropriate send-off that pays tremendous respect to the late icon. With Leia purportedly having a greater role, the character will have more than a couple of important contributions to the general story before fans say goodbye to the General and the actress who played her perfectly.

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