New ‘The Predator’ Poster Is Out

New ‘The Predator’ Poster Is Out

The Shane Black directorial venture The Predator will come out in less than a year’s time, and it will end the long wait endured by the fans. Further details about the film are not known at present. However, the film’s art had a debut at a licensing expo which showed some of the official art of the movie and also suggested that it will be set in a densely populated location.

The previous movies of the franchise were based either in faraway jungles or on some other planets. However, the CEO of 20th Century Fox, Stacey Snider recently told Variety that the latest film would have an uncharacteristic location.

We’ve got a Predator film coming out that is unexpected and utterly fresh,” Snider said. “I just imagined that it would take 500 hours to read the script — that it would be interior jungle, exterior more jungle and then fighting happens, but Emma [Watts] went out and recruited Shane Black. From the first page, it didn’t read like a Predator film. It’s set in suburbia. There’s a little boy and his dad at the center of the action.”

The film is expected to be much more than a rehash of already known elements thrown into a mix together because Black revealed to Entertainment Weekly that the new movie would be a huge thing.

Fox has been in the habit of making one of these Predator movies every couple years, and they put them out for a limited budget that kind of guaranteed return, but they’re not really something that’s an event,” Black admitted. “I want to try to get back to that. Because there was a freshness, I think, to the first one…it was special then, and I want to get back to trying to reinvent it in the sort of way that it acquires that event feel that makes people want to treat it like a big movie.”

 The Predator has a release date of August 3, 2018.

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