Hellboy Done And David Harbour Now Promises Return Of “Dad Bod”

Hellboy Done And David Harbour Now Promises Return Of “Dad Bod”

It might come as a surprise, but, it is a truth that David Harbour is a certified sex symbol, courtesy his performance as Sheriff Jim Hopper in Stranger Things.

However, the actor has undergone a transformation wherein his “soft” body has become the sculpted muscular physique of Hellboyin the upcoming reboot. You don’t need to worry though because Harbour recently stated that he is working hard to go back to his “dad bod.”

“I’ve already started the donut training. Six donuts a day! We’ll get there, folks,” said Harbour, during a conversation with Variety.

With filming over on Hellboy, Harbour is now free to go back to the shape which ensured that fans love his Croce-dancing character. Harbour said that he is happy that he didn’t need to undergo massive changes in his appearance before achieving the “leading man” status.

“The fact is for years I had been trapped in a certain narcissism and a desire to have a certain body and look sexy,” Harbour said. “The fact that I got famous and become a sex symbol around my normal frumpy love-handled self is so gratifying. And dare I say culturally gratifying as well.

“What makes someone sexy in my mind is who they are. It’s not necessarily how they look. If you have a dad bod, if you wear it well, and still shake your hips pretty good, I feel like you too can be a sex symbol! I think that’s what we should venerate as sexy. Not people who eat organic chicken all day and spend nine hours at the gym. That’s not a society that I really care about.”

Harbour was cool with getting a toned body for the role of Hellboy since he knew what such roles generally demand.

When the first photograph of Harbour in his full makeup came out, fans were shocked at the near true adaptation of the character and a lot of them agreed to consider someone else playing the role earlier essayed by Ron Perlman.

However, now that it is all wrapped up, you better not expect Hopper to sport that washboard flat stomach in Stranger Things 3.

Hellboy is all set to release on January 11, 2019. There is no release date listed for Stranger Things 3 as of now.

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