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Did The Latest Trailer Reveal Major Spoilers And Ending Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

Did The Latest Trailer Reveal Major Spoilers And Ending Of Star Wars: The Last Jedi?

The Last night’s Monday Night Football game had Disney come out with a brand new trailer for the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The trailer is going to get the people talking, but, the question now is whether they will talk about it in the desired way?

The 2:32 duration trailer has revealed the death of at least one leading character and might have just shown the moment to which the entire film comes down to as well as a few other crucial details in its wake. If you haven’t seen the trailer and are not willing to go through the spoilers that all of us had to face by watching it then you are advised to move away right now.

This trailer showed us a never before Luke Skywalker who is frightened and uncertain about his next move in the wake of the duo of Kylo Ren and the evil Sith Lord called Snoke. We also see Rey use the force to some amazing results and that makes Luke say that he witnessed such power only once before with Kylo Ren and suggested that she can’t be trained anymore by him. Then we hear Kylo Ren’s voice about the sensibility of killing the past as he is shown flying his ship towards a Rebel ship and there are visuals in between of Leia sensing that her son is moving in her direction as Kylo’s finger reaches out to the trigger in his ship’s cockpit.

This pretty much clears that Kylo kills Leia and we saw precisely that scene in the trailer itself. After Luke refused to train her further, Rey is seen asking Kylo if she can be trained by anyone else who could guide her towards the role that she must play in the “force” mystery. Kylo stretches out his hand to suggest to her that he is the one who can show her and this might be the foundation of Rey’s switch to the dark side which means Luke is left behind as “The Last Jedi.”

Seriously? That’s Stupid.

To give it a bullet point summary, these are the spoilers we got in this trailer:

  1. Luke is absolutely terrified to train Rey
  2. Kylo Ren Killed his mother Leia.
  3. Snoke tormented the hell out of Rey.
  4. Kylo offered to guide Rey if she switches to the dark side.

How could that even be a trailer? That was literally a collection of the highlights of the movie. 

If this is Disney’s idea of pulling off a joke, then it is an idiotic idea. We are now going to expect all these incidents are taking place in the movie and that implies that nobody is going to the theaters with a mind devoid of pre-set theories.

That’s disgusting!

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