Deadshot & Lobo DC Comics Films Scrapped?

Deadshot & Lobo DC Comics Films Scrapped?

The cinematic versions of DC Comics’ characters Deadshot and Lobo might not be made at all if rumors are to be believed. Warner Bros. has so far not met the desired success in their endeavor to launch their own superhero universe. After three polarizing, but, money making movies, Wonder Woman released and it seemed to be the revival of the franchise. Sadly, the film that followed, Justice League turned out to be another DC film that divided the viewers and failed to meet the box office expectations. After the disastrous Justice League, DC Films franchise is undergoing some major changes.

While it has been reported that more than two dozen DC movies were under development in 2017, a sizeable number of those projects are likely to be shelved after Walter Hamada takes over DC’s film division. As per reports, two of those DC projects might have already been scrapped.

Before the announcement was made regarding Hamada taking over as the new DC Films president, DiscussingFilm had reported that Will Smith wouldn’t be a part of a Deadshot solo film, and his next DC movie would rather be Suicide Squad 2. Expanding this rumor, Mario Robles from ElFanboy and Splash Report came up with further details. It appears that Deadshot has been scrapped, but, the Lobo movie has also been shelved for now. Check out their tweets on the subject, below:

Although these reports are just speculations, they are not unbelievable either. Deadshot has hardly had any updates, and the initial rumor about the movie was heard over a year back. We never heard of anyone scripting it, and Smith’s schedule keeps getting busier by the day. He has now been confirmed for Bright 2, and the better option would be to have him as a co-star on Suicide Squad 2. In any case, we don’t think there will be legions of fans out there dreaming about the Deadshot solo movie at all.

Contrary to that, Lobo was a project which DC had wanted to make. Dwayne Johnson was in the discussion for the movie before he went on to choose Black Adam’s role. Sometime back, Wonder Woman writer Jason Fuchs was tasked to write the script for Lobo. However, nothing more has been heard about it since then, other than the anticipation caused by DC’s stated desire to make R-rated movies (a Lobo film would be in that category).

Since DC has a lot of other top characters to think about, it is quite logical to put Deadshot and Lobo on the backburner. Hamada is taking over, and the studio might try to make solo films based on the Justice League members. Solo films for Flash and Batman have been facing tough times, and there has not been much progress on Cyborg, Man of Steel 2 or Green Lantern Corps. Maybe after these films are done with, DC might reconsider lesser known properties such as Lobo.

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