Deadpool Director Developing A Kitty Pryde Solo Movie!

Deadpool Director Developing A Kitty Pryde Solo Movie!

The merger deal between Disney and Fox has sent the moviedom into a frenzy, especially the mutant world. The sequel to Deadpool and Gambit were a part of the first round of announcements, and now it looks like we are about to get a Kitty Pryde solo movie too.

Pryde is a much-loved mutant who has the powers to phase through any object and was last seen in Days of Future Past, where she chronoskimmed a participant’s awareness into the past.

Pryde who is also famous as ShadowCat, was a creation of Chris Claremont and John Byrne, back in 1980, and she featured in various X-Teams, such as Excalibur.

Of late, Pryde has joined hands with Guardians of the Galaxy, replacing Peter Quill as the King of Spartax. There was a time when Quill even went down on one knee to ask the big question, and he was engaged to Kitty Pryde.

She is now the leader of the X-Men Gold Team after having time in outer space, taking care of Xavier Institute for Mutant Education and Outreach.

Collider has reported that the ShadowCat solo film is being developed under the supervision of Tim Miller (Deadpool director). Rumors are doing round about Ellen Page also returning, but, there is no formal confirmation yet.

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