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BREAKING: Epcot’s Speceship Earth Will Become Giant ‘Death Star’ At Disney World!

BREAKING: Epcot’s Speceship Earth Will Become Giant ‘Death Star’ At Disney World!

Just in from a new source! On December 5th, 2016, Disney will be celebrating Star Wars at Hollywood Studios as well as the new Rogue One film coming out on December 16th.

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The event will be an invite only meet up and will include local and national media. During the celebration the famous Epcot ride and an attraction: Spaceship Earth will be magically transformed into the Death Star!

Spaceship Earth will be transformed into the Death Star through digital projections. And before the amazing highly secret transformation, Disney will be revealing updates on current and upcoming Star Wars projects to the masses!

This is going to be a “big deal” and sources are saying we may learn some very new information on the new films and attractions coming to Disney.

The event has filled up fast of course and is SOLD OUT! But we will keep you posted on any changes.

To see the some pictures of the new Star Wars park coming to Disney parks everywhere, check out the ‘NEXT PAGE” button below!


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