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A Deep Look Into The Structure Of Darth Vader’s Armour

A Deep Look Into The Structure Of Darth Vader’s Armour

Darth Vader’s suit gave him lot of life support systems and he most important is the breathing apparatus. His armour was made of Durasteel. He had many meditation chambers to escape the claustrophobia given by the armour. Vader always wanted to be less dependent on the armour though.

There were many displays in his helmet that gave him a stream of data, amplifying his formidable connection to the Force. They eye coverings provided him with infrared and ultraviolet vision that allowed him to see in darkness.

The helmet also stuck needles into his skin when in place and this feeds neurological data on brainwave activity to the central chest. This allows excess heat to bleed through the metallic surface.

The shoulder armour weighed 12.2 Kgs and was resistant to blasters and energy blades. There was one drawback. The weight made it difficult for him to raise his lightsaber.

He wore padded, multi-ply body glove. The suite was flexible and the quilted suit was blast-dampening and made of fire-proof material. The suit also gave him protection against flames and corrosive gases.

His right glove covered his cybernetic hand and was made using Skere Kaan’s Sith amulets.  The gloves were made of Micronized Mandalorian and protected Vader against glancing light saber blows.

The suit had a temperature- regulation control system that could be controlled with the function box on his belt. With this he could walk on the surface of Hoth.

The synthskin was seared from Vader’s bones on Mustafar and his body needed periodic cleaning and be scrubbed of the necrotic cells. The rasp of his breathing interfered with his ability to rest.

His black boots had durasteel on the sides. The soles had ferromagnetic cores which was activated through his mouth-operated controls and generate magnetic fields.

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